You may have been asking yourself, “do I really need to pay out for a watch service?” Hopefully this short guide will give you the answer..

A luxury watch is something you will wear every day, we ensure all watches we sell are given a service before they are available to buy, giving you the confidence the piece you are buying will last. Luxury watches are built to last a lifetime if (and this is the important part) they are looked after properly. Everyday stresses like magnetisation, knocks, rain and perspiration can take a toll on your watch, and a service every few years will keep your watch in the best possible condition.

When serviced, your watch will be examined closely and tested for; accuracy, condition, functionality and water resistance. All the watches we sell are also fully refinished to ensure that the quality of the watch is of an outstanding standard. We make sure to use the most reliable watch service companies, who are approved and consistent.

If it is time for your watch to be serviced, bring it in to our Barrowford store and we will sort the rest.